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Paintings on cradled board

I've recently discovered an alternative painting surface - cradled board. Painting on board opposed to canvas has a few advantages, namely they are easier to transport and easier to ship. I've been painting on hardboard panels for years, and I love to sell these unframed on my website and at my art shows. Cradled board has the added advantage that it doesn't need to be framed. The boards that I've been using for some of my new smaller works (16x20 and 11x14) have a 1" cradle that I paint just as I do my canvas pieces. Of course, they can be framed if you would like, but it gives you a little more flexibility on how you can display my paintings. They come wired on the back and ready to hang. Below you can can see one of my paintings on cradled board from the front, back and side view.

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