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Coloring Book of Paintings

There is something therapeutic about sitting down with a box of color pencils or markers and just coloring in a picture. I've often thought that my paintings, which often start off as small sketches, would make fun coloring pages. I've finally created a coloring book from an assortment of my paintings. The coloring book that I've created is not your typical coloring book with well defined lines in which the colors should stay. The pages in my book are more sketch-like and offer more freedom for creativity.

As an example of how the pages might be used, I printed out one of my favorites and colored it in with the wide assortment of colored pencils that I have in my studio. It was fun playing with the different hues and blending them together on the page. You can download my book yourself and give it a try! Or, print several copies and make it a family activity. Join my mailing list and get your copy now!

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