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Check out my new Book! "Simple Guide to Color and Value"

One of my favorite workshops to teach is a one day workshop that focuses on the use of color and value in a composition. Color and Value are the most important elements in a painting and many new and established artists struggle with the proper use of color and value in their work.

I decided to put all of the information and exercises from this workshop into a book. Although there are many well written books that go into the depths of color theory, I wanted to write a more practical guide.

I started mixing all of the colors that I use in my work from the primaries during my studies at Augsburg University in 2007. This is a practice that allowed me to build an in depth understanding of both color and value and how to use them in my work.

Instead of diving into the depths of color theory, in this book, I walk slowly through the practical applications of what I have learned and how these lessons can be incorporated into your work. Each chapter also includes hands-on exercises to reinforce these concepts.

The book is available for free for those who subscribe to kindleUnlimited, or you can purchase either the digital or paperback version on Amazon.

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