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"My work is inspired by the fleeting moments in which I take the time to pause and appreciate the world around me."

Karin's Artist Statement

Color has always possessed the ability to drastically affect my emotional state, and it is by far the most dominant element in my compositions. Growing up on a farm in Minnesota, and spending a good chunk of my life in that cold, grey climate caused me to find solace in creating an oasis of bright colors inside of my home to help block on the dismal silence of winter. Because as a painter, I am only limited to appealing to only the sense of sight, I use color in my compositions in an attempt to synthesize emotions that you might experience from your other senses. As I grow as an artist, one of my primary goals has been to develop a continuously growing relationship and understanding of color.


I work primarily with a palette knife to create textural, impressionist paintings. Painting with the knife allows me to create unique and random shapes of color that seem spontaneous, yet are strategically placed to create a cohesive composition.

About Karin Neuvirth

Visual artist, Karin Neuvirth is best known for her textural acrylic paintings of wooded landscapes which she refers to as treescapes. Her current style of painting involves many layers of paint which she applies with a palette knife utilizing the technique of using broken color to create a sense of movement within her work. Color is the most prominent element in her work. In order to form a more thorough understanding of color, she chooses to mix all of the colors that she uses from only the primary colors and white. 


Karin grew up on a farm in southern Minnesota where the winters were always difficult for her. The cold grey days took a toll on her mood, but as she developed her style of painting, she found that the vibrant colors helped her to combat the melancholy that the weather caused her. Color has always been the focus of Karin’s work, but when she moved to Durham, North Carolina in 2011, she began to work with a palette knife and developed her current style of textural acrylic paintings.

Check out my stop motion video
I put together this stop motion in order to show my entire painting process. It starts with the underpainting, and then slowly evolves into one of my treescapes. This was a collaborative project with my youngest son, Miles Neuvirth who wrote and sang the music that accompanies the film.  I hope that you find it informational as well as entertaining. 
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