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Simple Guide to Color and Value

Effective use of color and value is an essential part of creating a successful painting, and something that even experienced artists can struggle with. This is NOT a complicated book detailing color theory, but it is an easy to follow guide to help you use color and value in the paintings that you create. Each chapter describes a simple concept and includes hands-on exercises to help you to practice what you’ve learned. You will learn how to mix complicated colors easily from just the primary colors. You’ll find warm and cool colors explained in an easy to understand way and you’ll learn how to use them effectively in your composition. You’ll discover the importance of using both light and dark values in your work and how it affects the work that you create.

Karin Neuvirth is a palette knife painter in Boone, NC. She creates vibrant, textural, impressionist acrylic paintings. Much of her work is inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains that she calls home.

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